Sustainability at Kindred

At Kindred, we are dedicated to creating a safe and enjoyable experience in every aspect of our business as this is fundamental to building a sustainable business

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    We strive to operate a long-term and sustainable business focusing on adding value to our owners, customers, employees and the community as a whole. As a leading online gambling company we recognise the risks and concerns associated with gambling, which is why player safety remains at the heart of our business and corporate culture.
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    Player Safety

    Kindred’s award winning proprietary Player Safety Early Detection System (PS-EDS) is at the heart of our responsible gaming approach. Using a risk-based approach, the software detects early signs of problem gambling using indicators based on empirical studies, and allows us to monitor, support and protect players.
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    Corporate Citizenship

    We strive to be an important corporate citizen wherever we operate by actively taking part in the community, both as a company but also through our dedicated employees. We support our employee-led engagements by matched funding, paid leave for charity projects and local office initiatives.
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    We are a company with a clear focus on diversity and equality, always striving to become better in every aspect. Today we operate a business with 1,100 employees spread over 45 nationalities speaking 34 different languages. The workforce consists of 67 percent men and 33 percent women, with the clear aim to improve on gender equality. Being a truly diverse organisation creates an inspiring and creative environment allowing us to tackle challenges and meet our business objectives.
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    As a truly digital company our environmental footprint is limited to energy usage and travels. However, we remain committed to reducing the environmental impact we have through our Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) score, which measures our ability to monitor and quantify our carbon emissions.

Kindred sustainable stories

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Kindred Sponsors GambleAware Conference

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